I am a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham, in the Political Science and International Studies department, currently enrolled on an MA in Social Research Methods, which will be followed by doctoral research in 2019. Previously, I undertook an MA and BA at the same institution, in Social and Political Theory, and Sociology and Political Science respectively. On this website you can find some of my academic work which includes published and unpublished essays and articles (in student academic journals), co-authored book chapters, and my dissertations.

For more information about my doctoral research, please visit this website:

My research interests include:

  • social and political theory,
  • the philosophy of technology,
  • the politics of work, the body, and disability,
  • critical pedagogy,
  • new materialism and posthuman philosophy,
  • social movements, trade unionism, and collective struggles. 

Titles of my previous dissertations:

The role of the university within a feminist organology of hyperindustrial societies: Thinking through Bernard Stiegler’s pharmacological approach to care, otium and desire.

The Aporia of Human Rights: A radical reconceptualisation of the right to asylum, based on a politics of equality and ethics of hospitality.